Outsmart the Scammers

Tools and tutorials to keep you safe and aware of online traps.

Scammers and their scams are getting smarter and harder to beat everyday.  Their primary goal is to convince you it’s real, whatever their ploy is.   Our goal is to prepare you to identify these scams and not be taken advantage of!


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Samples of Phishing Scams

Find matching or similar emails to your email in question using the search or filter buttons below.   If you find an example that looks very similar to your suspected scam email, it’s probably fraudulent.  This is not a comprehensive list and though we add new examples every day, scams can take many forms and look incredibly realistic. It is ultimately up to you as the user what happens with a suspicious email. 

Need more examples?

If you’re still questioning whether or not a suspicious email is a scam, sign up below to get access to ALL of our examples which we add to every week!

More examples help you become less vulnerable.

We’ll also be showing you what to do with each new type of scam that comes out.  This subscription is not just for what we have now but what we add as we develop new tools and resources. 

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What you’ll get now

The ability to compare suspicious emails to our ever-growing database of examples.

The knowledge of what to look for in a fraudulent/scam email versus a legitimate email.

Learn what NOT to do when you do get a fraudulent email. 

Steps to take after you’ve identified a scam email.

Instructions to prevent future spam from reaching your email inbox. 

What is Coming Soon

Text Scam and Phishing Identification Examples
We know that scammers are using every possible form of communication to convince you of their authenticity and catch you off your guard. That’s why we’re building a repository of examples for text messages of scams and phishing.

Phone Call Scam and Phishing Identification Tools
We haven’t figured out the best method for this. We may have recordings available to listen to. We may do searchable text of common fraudulent phone calls. No matter what, we’re going to find a way to make it easy for you to know when the person on the other end of the line is “leading you on” and trying to scam you.

Pop Ups and Screen Take Over Scam Examples and How to stop them.
It won’t take long to show you what they look like but we’re going to give you the best tips on how to avoid them, and how to get out of the screen when nothing else seems to work!  Then we’ll do our best to educate you on why you’re getting them and also how to clean your computer (minimally) to stop them from immediately popping back up.

Scam Confirmation Service
There will be a form for you to submit a potential scam or phishing email and we’ll respond letting you know if we believe it to be real or a fraudulent email. Just a few small details to work out. We’re hoping to charge a small fee of $1—$5 for each email.

Post Scam Recovery Assistance
We’ll be offering an option for you to call in and receive support on the steps to take to clean your computer of programs that scammers may have added to monitor or track what you do. We’ll consult you on the easiest method to stop getting spam emails in future, how to delete spam emails in mass, and so much more. We’ll be offering this service in different packages, priced depending on the severity of your case. Offered through our partner company Pragmatech.


Phishing Scams Are 

Ponzi Scams or Schemes Are

Purchase Scams (Facebook)

If you've positively identified a scam here's what to do next. 

Step 1

Here's the information on Step 1. 

Step 2

Here's the information on Step 2

Step 3

Here's the information